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Sheilynne Midili

Owner and lead artist of Pacific Brides 

Sheilynne has been in the beauty industry for 19 years. Her start was in Film, commercial and print. From the cover of forbes, to billboards, the silver screen and everything in between, her ability to explore multiple medias has shaped her career and expertise to specialize in natural makeup that looks good both in person and on camera. She began her career in weddings 13 years ago when she noticed there was a lack of artists that catered to clients that preferred looking like an elevated version of themselves, and then, Pacific Brides was born. In 2019 her love for the outdoors, her knowledge of being on set in all types of climates, was smushed together to create her "where you go I go" package. Her ability to assist couples in not only being intentional with their day, but really being able to connect with each other and not worry about how they look for their photos, she created and specialized in adventure elopement full day services. When she's not curling hair at 6500 feet above sea level, or hiking slot canyons ensuring her couples look bangerang and not a sweaty mess, you can find her... well, in the mountains. Sheilynne has backpacked not one, but two international thru hikes solo. Spends as many nights in the mountains with her pitbull Jackson as she can. Watches Kraken games like it's her religion, and can be seen swerving down windy roads on her lime green and magenta Kawasaki Ninja.  Basically, if it involves constantly moving, she's here for it.  

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